MRD Productions will help you execute creative strategies with unique marketing approaches that will leave your consumers with a lasting impression.

Corporate Videos

We've worked with numerous companies in various industries. We understand how to create a product that aligns with your companys goals and vision. Here are some of the corporate video options:


       Explainer Videos


       Brand Video

       Training Purposes

       Executive Management Profiles

       Video Conferencing

       Interaction with Clients

Branding Videos:

       TV Spots

       Promotional Videos

       Web Content

       Teaser Videos


Entertainment Videos:

From reality series to recreation based shows and from fact-based programming to live events, MRD Productions LLC would like to explore all creative avenues. Starting with ideation, innovative, conceptual development and script writing to actualization.

▪       Music Videos

▪       Documentaries

▪       Live Concerts

▪       Sporting Events

▪       Trailers

▪       Television Shows

▪       Film

Additional services:


Our award winning team is constructed of experienced marketing/advertising professionals who conduct in depth research to understand how to effectively identify your target audience and maximize profits. We specialize in content marketing.


From innovative, conceptual development and script writing to actualization MRD Productions LLC wants to collaborate with you. We understand the importance of creativity and grasping the minds of the consumer.


Development, casting, and locations through production, editing, graphics, music, visual effects, sound design, and final delivery.
Collectively together our goal is to address your client’s objectives and create compelling stories that increase exposure, raise awareness while ultimately increasing ROI.


Incorporating motion graphics and special effects into branded video will allow for your clients to engage, identify the product and connect with your target audience emotionally.


We understand that SEO & social media play such an important role in today's PR & Marketing efforts. That's why we would like to include packages that offer it's clients the opportunity to increase overall exposure through its digital marketing team.