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We're MRD Productions - A full service digital production company based in New York City made up of international award winning designers, writers, directors, producers, editors, videographers, marketers and social media strategist. We work with clients to tell their unique stories across various platforms. Our creative teams are versatile and have over 20 years of experience working in marketing, entertainment, corporate, agency, and media. Our creative marketing team understands how to identify, target, create marketing strategies that will build your audience. If you're looking for an innovative, hip, creative approach...then MRD Productions is your one stop shop. We will separate your business from its competitors in the marketplace. 

We’d love to bring your story to life.


Michael R. Doyle
Founder and CEO

Michael has worked for numerous companies including Stonehenge Lt. and Greater Media Radio of New Jersey. During his term at Stonehenge Ltd., CEO & President Irwin Sternberg mentored and challenged Michael to develop new strategies that would allow Stonehenge to thrive in the men's neckwear industry. Michael worked on some of the most successful marketing campaigns for the best selling and hottest brands in the history of neckwear. Some of those brands include the following; Jerry Garcia, Jimmy Valvano, Christopher Reeves, Buzz Aldrin, and Miles Davis. Due to his efforts, Stonehenge Ltd. was awarded Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and Advertising Age top 100 Companies.

Michael joined Greater Media in February of 2011. In his first year in radio, he brought in clients from Monmouth and Ocean counties that other representatives had struggled with for years. Michael created concise strategic marketing ideas that would that would overcome clients' objections and focus on the strengths of their products and services. Michael integrated on-air, on-stream, interactive elements and event sponsorship opportunities that effectively distinguished his clients businesses from their competitors. These efforts won Michael several **Hits of the Week** Awards.

Michael also created a unique on-air campaign called "Greetings from the Historic Asbury Park, Home of Bamboozle 2012." This special highlighted and promoted Asbury Park, its municipality and local businesses, and Live Nations Bamboozle.

MRD Productions is in the process of trying to develop "Miracle Express." Michael believes with the launch of MRD Productions, Miracle Express could revolutionize the way interactive and TV engage the audiences.

Lukas Chmiel
Executive Director & Producer

Lukas Chmiel is a Polish Film School graduate and the Executive Director & Producer of MRD Productions. Lukas has worked as an editor, cinematographer, director, producer, photographer and motion designer. At the age of 19, Lukas had edited over 150 tutorial videos for the biggest online video platform in Poland- After 9 months, Lukas moved to Warsaw and started to work on feature movies, TV commercials and online video content. During this time he produced, directed, shot, and edited a full LG G2 mini campaign for Havas Media. This project took place in Mauritius and Reunion Island. It covered 20 shot videos and live streaming. Lukas is a world-wide full service photographer, filmmaker who works closely with brands, magazines, ad agencies, designers, stylists, and bloggers. Lukas has created and produced numerous projects for various size businesses. Some of those businesses include, LG, GCDS, fashiontv, wannabe, pakamera,, Vogue, Devotion Vodka and more. The MRD Productions team is incredibly grateful to have this young man apart of our team.

Justin Sternberg
Northeastern Region Sales Manager

Justin Sternberg comes from a diverse background in sales and marketing. Having worked in fashion, retail and commercial lighting, Justin brings a vast set of skills that focus in product knowledge, communciations and relationship building. Justin Sternberg joined MRD Productions in Febrauary of 2017 and believe his background and expertise will make an immediate asset to our company. Justin also serves on the fundraising committee with Miracle Express. For more information please visit

Alex Gurevich
Strategic Partner

Alex is the active CEO at FinalStepMarketing, LLC. His extensive background in market research, brand management, digital marketing, and advanced analytics. Alex holds a masters from NYU and has over 17 years of industry experience working with start-ups as well as fortune 500 clients. His unique ability to combine creative marketing with stratistically driven decision making makes him the perfect strategic partner for MRD Productions.

Our team of professionals are always seeking new candidates who want to be apart of the magic.

For career opportunities or more information about MRD Productions LLC, please call 718 216 6403 or email